Corporate Design

I successfully completed a corporate design project for HPI Studios, the new video learning platform of HPI Academy in Potsdam. The project involved designing a logo that originated from the existing design of the Hasso Plattner Institute, as well as creating a logo animation with audio branding.

In the logo design, I transformed the HPI logo’s rectangles into triangles, resembling video play buttons, while incorporating the word “STUDIOS” next to it. I optimized the spacing for various representations, ensuring that the logo can be used effectively even without the accompanying wordmark i.e. small social media icons.

The logo animation emphasizes the connection and hierarchy between HPI Studios and HPI. It begins by assembling the HPI logo from rectangles and dynamically transforms it into play buttons, with the word “Studios” sliding out beneath the logo in the final step.

Complementing the video courses’ themes of digitalization, corporate innovation, and design thinking, the accompanying sound design features synthetic and complex sounds. It incorporates three prominent notes that gradually increase in pitch to build tension, resolving into a grand chord as the logo animation reaches its completion.

Furthermore, the audio logo was expanded into a theme song suitable for providing uninterrupted background music for videos up to 8 minutes in length, without overwhelming the content.